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Welcome to Add-Innovation. Construction of this site has been suspended for several years while we've concentrated on consultancy in SAS, MS/Office and VBA. This has strengthened our knowledge and experience.

We're now back into R&D mode and updating this site. All our add-ins are being redeveloped and updated. Any expiry dates will be replaced while we offer free macros. Microsoft removed the module which enabled graphs to be added in user forms (which we used extensively). We've coded around that and will relaunch the macros accordingly. Only "What's Eating My Megabytes" and the "HeatMap" to go.

We're still in consultancy but more recently have been diverting time to learning new skills and packages. We will be enhancing this web-site with many MS/Expression Blend improvements, updating (and enabling) our add-ins to work under Office 2010, and even adding a development blog to "Skeletons in Wellingtons" !

We've pushed our integration of MS/Office applications even further than before, and will be adding details of that development to this store.

For example, a recent development saw replacement of FOCUS programs and laborious process notes, with a one click mainframe SAS to Excel approach. The SAS application presented the feeds one a single page with a start date selection. One click crunched & emailed the mainframe data to the clients MS/outlook account. A VBA macro behind outlook recognised the email and opened an index to determine how to deal with the attachment. The index would show where to store the attachment (adding a link in the email and removing the attachment from the mail), and which macro controlled spreadsheet to open to process it. The mail was tidied away to a history folder.It's a symphony of data manipulation.

Add-Innovation specialise in Information Technology Design and Programming. Our main areas of expertise lie in SAS Programming and Application Design, Visual Basic for Applications, and Microsoft Office Applications, with over 20 years of commercial experience. The mix of these skills is extremely useful in rapidly developing low maintenance, highly integrated office solutions utilising the best features of the tools on your desktop.

We've also experience in Ab Initio programming, coupled with "shop for data" taking their product beyond data transform & load operations. Our experience with dozens of other programming languages, platforms and operating systems coupled with a wide scope of business experienced leaves us well positioned to analyse your requirements and design the optimium solution. 

Please note that this is an evolving site, starting with the Excel Add-Ins and Excel help section. Please be patient while the remaining sections are developed. Click on the header to go to the index section for each area.

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COOKIES : We eat them, but don't use them at all (currently) on this site. We'll update this notice immeditately if we do.

PRIVACY : We never divulge details of any user who browses this site, emails us, or uses our tools, to anyone, ever.

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